Woodley & Bunny

"Woodley & Bunny is not your typical NY hair salon: this hidden gem in Williamsburg (just 3 blocks from the 'L' train stop on Bedford Ave) is something everyone should experience! Woodley & Bunny has a reputation for exceptional color work, fashionable yet workable cuts, and men's grooming." - WoodleyandBunny.com When working with a salon, lighting is all-important. Building Hero worked very closely with Woodley's stylists and colorists, selecting lights to guarantee that the move to LED lighting didn't mean sacrificing light quality, but in fact enhanced their ability to see colors and textures.

Haven's Kitchen

Haven's Kitchen is a recreational cooking school, specialty food shop, and event space. Located in a charming carriage house two blocks from Manhattan's Union Square, Haven's Kitchen is dedicated to the preparation and enjoyment of delicious, sustainable, seasonal food.

Dagny & Barstow

Dagny + Barstow is a high-end women's clothing boutique founded by Meredith Blank and Emily Titelman, located at 264 Bowery in New York City. The store focuses on up-and-coming and international designers, and carries a number of lines that are exclusive to the store in NYC. In addition to clothing, handbags, jewelry, and other accessories, Dagny + Barstow features a collaboration with ArtStar.com and also offers works for sale from a number of NYC artists.


Laicale, a high-end salon in SoHo, has very specific lighting objectives. Their business requires a high degree of light clarity, but even more importantly a precise rendering of colors. Work done in the salon should look the same when seen in natural light as it did when the client was in the chair. Building Hero, working with the professionals at Laicale, was able to achieve this in a way the predecessor lighting had not been able to. The feedback from the stylists and colorists since has been excellent. About Laicale: "The salon is the only US outpost of a boutique mini-chain that includes sister spots in Italy and Japan. The salon's excellent colorists and cutters often work on fashion shoots, runway shows and celebrity clients, but despite its cutting-edge style, the place has a relaxed, down-to-earth feel, and is a favorite with clients from all walks of life." - Laicale.com

Orla Kiely

"Orla Kiely is a contemporary designer known for her unique, retro prints and feminine designs. Over the years her collection has grown to include a complete womenswear line, accessories, travel and homeware." In short, the Orla Kiely brand, known for pattern and color, is recognizable at a glance wherever in the world you may be. Our work with the Orla Kiely team in New York was to actually improve the rendition of the collection's many colors through LED lighting. The showroom space, located on Mercer St in the heart of South SoHo, previously featured high-powered halogens, so we also need to guarantee brightness without giving the space an unwanted coolness. A specially-sourced, high-output PAR38 LED has done the job - saving the organization money every month, cutting down on waste heat in the showroom, and above all taking sensational Orla Kiely colors to the next level.

Bobby Berk Home

Bobby Berk's stores set the trend in New York, Miami, and Atlanta. Most known for their design authority, his stores sells the finest furniture, bedding, bath products and home furnishings in the market today. Bobby Berk Home is a definitive resource of affordable luxury for everything bed, bath and home.

Mark Murray Fine Paintings

Mark Murray Fine Paintings is a gallery specializing in European and American paintings from the 19th and early 20th centuries. It is located in a town house that was formerly the home of Gloria Vanderbilt on the upper east side of Manhattan, on the northeast corner of Madison Avenue and 72nd Street.

American Two Shot

An exemplar of the new breed of urban retailing that defies genre - what does offering women's and men's fashion, modern art, and truly original coffee make you? - American Two Shot came to SoHo in early 2012. The store, and the embedded Cafe Integral, inhabit a double-height space that cuts deep into the block from the street. The retail space nearly doubles in width towards the back, giving the visitor a sense of discovery of things not visible from the street - but also naturally creating a darker environment than the windowed front. We therefore brought in an LED MR16 that could increase the light output versus existing halogens, while maintaining the warm of feel required by a community space. American Two Shot has added to a neighborhood already rich in culture, and given us one of the best coffees around. Building Hero is proud to be a partner.

Bien Cuit - West Village

Bien Cuit's newest outpost, located on Christopher St. in the heart of the West Village, is the bakery's first foray into Manhattan after building a reputation as a premier bakery on site in their Cobble Hill, Brooklyn location. Building Hero helped them light up their new space and get things started right. The Bien Cuit cafe space needed enough light for clientele to read their New Yorker, but not so much that the space is unwelcoming. Dimmability was a must, and nothing was to be spotlit. In essence, LED light that no one would recognize as such. Stop by and enjoy the results with a cup of custom-supplied Brooklyn Roasters coffee.

Dijital Fix San Francisco

Dijital Fix scours the world for the best designers and companies for the latest products in all categories ranging from home audio, headphones and toys, to unique design accessories ranging from watches to wallets and our inventory is constantly being updated. Dijital Fix was founded in 2006 in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and expanded to San Francisco in 2012.

Catharine Clark Gallery

Established in 1991, Catharine Clark Gallery presents the work of contemporary artists. A wide range of media is represented in the gallery’s program with an emphasis on content-driven work that challenges both the traditional use of materials and formal aesthetics. Catharine Clark Gallery was the first San Francisco gallery to create a dedicated media room, presenting new genres and experimental video art with each changing exhibition.

Haute Hippie Prince St

"In 2008, Haute Hippie Founder and Creative Director Trish Wescoat Pound sought out to build a fashion house that is the articulation of a global nomad’s mindset and lifestyle. Believing that the Haute Hippie woman is eclectic, chic, and well-traveled, her goal was to create a brand and a line of clothing that was not only edgy and sophisticated but also practical, versatile, and instantly wearable." - HauteHippie.com Our work with Haute Hippie was to achieve a balance between clarity and warmth of light, given that the space is floor-to-ceiling full of texture and color, art and fashion. We brought in a fantastic MR16 for the job of illuminating the majority of the product, while the recessed lighting is a warm PAR38 for comfortable ambient lighting.

City Art

City Art Gallery is an artist-run cooperative gallery located at 828 Valencia in the Mission District of San Francisco.


HANG ART scours the San Francisco Bay Area to find exceptional artists. Whether you like abstract art or landscapes—painting or sculpture—art for your home or for a business space, you'll find a large selection of fine art on the hangart.com web site or at their gallery in the Union Square area of San Francisco.


Top to bottom, 3x1's NYC store is an homage to denim. The jeans are manufactured in house, a feat visible through floor-to-ceiling windows from the main retail space. 3x1 requires lighting powerful enough to illuminate textures from 20-feet up without making the white-walled space unapproachable. 3x1 works hard to source 170 different denim fabrics from some of the rarest selvage looms in the the world; Building Hero was there to make every stitch count.


Life:Curated sells men’s and women’s fashions, as well as homegoods and furniture—products with character. Their mission is to provide well-curated, high-quality items at accessible price points in a stylish and friendly atmosphere. They opened their doors in Williamsburg, Brooklyn in the fall of 2010 and launched their web store in the fall of 2011.

Love Adorned

Love Adorned – a lifestyle concept store from New York Adorned’s Lori Leven – expands beyond fine jewelry to include smart tools for home, body and travel. The shop’s lovingly curated inventory addresses the shift away from ‘throw away culture’ with lasting solutions that bring ease and preserve beauty in our busy lives. For where strength exists in design and simplicity, it also is expressed through craftsmanship and quality; all key elements in the shop’s offerings.

STUDIO Gallery

STUDIO Gallery was founded in 2003 to showcase the work of Bay Area artists. The gallery features fine art, crafts and a bit of home furnishings.


Gallery444 is a family owned and operated gallery that features an extensive selection of early and recent works that include original oils, watercolors, etchings, lithographs and sculptures.

A&G Merch - San Francisco

A&G Merch has been selling quality, affordable furnishings since 2006. Their store brings a youthful, urban feel to every-day utilitarian objects - from couches to candlesticks.

The Archive

The Archive is San Francisco's most exciting and cutting edge boutique for men. Straight from the runways of Paris and Milan, and the ateliers of Tokyo, The Archive offers exclusive designer clothing and accessories for the modern style conscious man.

Park Life

Park Life is an independant retail and art gallery based in San Francisco with the simple goal of showcasing art and design that the founders find relevant. Park Life Gallery's ambition is to show the most engaging contemporary art being created today. The retail space features art and design products culled together from all over the world.

Swirl on Castro

Jerry Cooper and Christopher von Laufen have been delivering eclectic wines, fine spirits, delicious Belgian beers, and some unusual art installations to San Francisco for the past 7 years. Featuring a wine bar and a host of special guests, Swirl on Castro is a venue for artists and friends to enjoy each others' company.

Mighty Pilates

Mighty Pilates offers the best in San Francisco fitness. They integrate the best of core strengthening, stretching and cardio training into a pilates workout to build a long lean body. Offering group fitness classes and one-on-one personal training, Mighty Pilates gives you exactly the workout you need whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro.

Mini Jake

Mini Jake, located in Williamsburg, is a children's and baby's store of the modern persuasion, featuring furniture, toys, strollers, clothes, sleepware, cribs, bedding, diaper bags, mattresses, bassinets and much more. The husband-and-wife duo that runs the store do an excellent job bringing in artistic, colorful items for the family world, but were facing two significant lighting challenges: 1. the ceilings in the post-industrial space are very high, making replacing frequent halogen burnouts a massive burden and 2. in order to have halogens high-wattage enough to deliver light from that height meant the space overheated in the summer. Our LEDs solved both problems, re-animating this local-business gem on North 9th St.

Kenneth Wingard

Kenneth Wingard provides a clean, contemporary collection of home accent pieces at reasonable prices. Each is lovingly designed and made with close attention to material and details. They work in the most modern setting or can add a contemporary air to more traditional settings.

Needles & Pens

Needles & Pens is an emporium of zines, books, handmade goods, and an art gallery. Located in San Francisco's Mission District since 2003, the space aims to provide an affordable place where like minded people from the community can display and sell their own home-made goods, home-published zines, and art work.

Andrea Schwartz Gallery

Andrea Schwartz Gallery was founded in 1982 in San Francisco, CA. The gallery focuses on contemporary painting of mid-career artists.

The Popular Workshop

The Popular Workshop is a creative space located in San Francisco, CA. with a focus on Art Direction, Design and Curation; The Popular Workshop aspires to create a space where creative concepts and solutions can be born, refined and produced.


fabric8 is a continually evolving creative project by Olivia Ongpin and Anthony Quintal. Started as an online clothing boutique in 1995, the gallery is the culmination of fabric8's developing role in the artistic community of San Francisco and beyond. fabric8 believes in the inspirational and transformative quality of collaboration, and continues to find and foster it.

Luna Boutique

Luna Boutique's aim is to carry stylish sweaters and scarves year round, fun yet classic cocktail attire, and comfortable, sophisticated clothes that all have a detail in a stitch or a fold to make the pieces unique. Luna will always be a boutique setting focusing on small, niche designers that aren't found everywhere in San Francisco mixed with a few bigger brands to try and get the right mix of individual style that San Franciscians love with a bit of familiarity they can return to time and again.

John Pence Gallery

The John Pence Gallery, now in its 33rd year in downtown San Francisco, is one of the premier academic realist galleries in the U.S. Primarily known for its strong stable of living academic realists, the gallery also presents significant works from the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The gallery is San Francisco's largest, including more than 8,000 square feet of prime exhibition space.

Heather Hilliard Design

Heather Hilliard Design is a full-service interior architecture and design firm specializing in high-end residential interiors. They provide personalized service to clients desiring the finest workmanship, materials and design. Examples of their work have been featured in Architectural Digest, Wall Street Journal, and California Home and Design.

Nieto Fine Art

Nieto Fine Art is a San Francisco premiere art gallery located in the heart of the Financial District, curated and owned by Anaya Nieto. It is a vision brought to life by Nieto to invigorate the San Francisco art community with the works of his father, John Nieto, along with a dynamic line-up of talented painters and sculptors. Nieto Fine Art commits itself to bringing a fresh, changeable charge of emotion to the community of contemporary artists.

Visual Aid

Visual Aid encourages artists with life-threatening illnesses to continue their creative work and presents exhibitions of contemporary art at Visual Aid Gallery and community venues including Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, City Hall and the San Francisco Public Library. These exciting exhibitions are visited by up to 155,000 people each year, stimulating dialogue about creativity and healing.

Junior Lowe

A new addition to the Atlantic Avenue boutique scene, Junior Lowe addresses a growing local demographic - hiptser toddlers. The space shows off its colorful clothing on both standard (racks) and non-standard (a four-foot industrial wooden spool) displays. Our lighting goal here was to replace a brutally high-wattage MR16 with a state-of-the-art LED that could satisfy lighting needs while improving color clarity. The hipsters and their broods won't miss it on the way down to Brooklyn Bridge Park.

City Sun

City Sun Tanning is New York's Best Tan. Their convenient Union Square salon combines a stunningly beautiful space with the world's best tanning equipment. You'll be greeted by friendly, knowledgeable staff and be treated to amenities like chilled scented towels to refresh after your session and a multi-channel music system that even includes a channel of ocean sounds.

The End of History

There is nothing quite like the fabulous vintage hand blown glass, the rare ceramics, and the marvelous mid-century modern furniture found at The End of History in Manhattan's West Village. Since 1997, they have amassed more decorative objects from the 50's & 60's in one room than anywhere in the world. As a result The End of History has become the go-to for top editors from magazines as well as a choice source to the best interior designers in the world.

Goose Barnacle

With a dual focus on rugged men's style and artwork, David Alperin's Atlantic Avenue boutique has built a great reputation since opening just two years ago. The lighting for the space needs to be clarifying but not overbearing - we sought to illuminate textured fabrics, hanging art, and vintage (but operational) pedal-motorcycles all with one application. David has kept the original, 50s-era fixtures, into which we've put an LED that brings new light to the product while maintaining the warm, stay-a-while feel of the Goose Barnacle.

Marissa Alperin Studio

The Marissa Alperin Studio, nestled into the landmark Brooklyn Heights neighborhood, features jewelry Marissa designs herself as well as local artwork. The lighting, a dual track setup against a white tin vintage ceiling, requires a crisp but approachable feel. In addition to bringing the best MR16 in the industry, we added a number of fixtures in order to guarantee that every great piece, and Marissa's in-house workspace, gets it's due.

Savoir Beds

Savoir is a leading luxury sleeping system manufacturer, founded in 1905 in London. Building Hero worked with Savoir to upgrade the lighting at the US flagship location, open showroom in the heart of SoHo. Savoir's particular lighting goals related to a need to precisely render the colors - often white and shades thereof - while greatly reducing their electricity load. The space gets a great deal of natural light during the day, and now with the right LEDs, continues to showcase beautiful product the right way into the evenings. It's always an honor to be selected as a lighting partner with a company as storied and experienced as Savoir, and we look forward to continuing to guaranteeing that Savoir's lighting meets the impeccable standards of their product.

Sugar Shop

This is a candy shop like you've never seen - unless you can remember the pre-supermarket era. The work of two creative co-founders from the fashion industry, Sugar Shop gives the people of Brooklyn a wonderfully-curated selection of sweet things, sourced from within the neighborhood and across the ocean. The two features of focus for working with the lighting in Sugar Shop are first the incredible color range of the product, and also the utility of the space as a community center of a sorts - after all, who doesn't enjoy candy? In response, we chose a light that renders the excellent colors crisply, but illuminates the main area and party spaces in an approachable way. Building Hero is happy to have a local partner like Sugar Shop, and now we have an excuse to regularly indulge the old sweet tooth.

Leo Design

Leo Design, purveyor of "handsome gifts" and home furnishings, was founded by Kimo Jung in 1995. A neighborhood institution on Hudson St in the West Village, Leo Design is a boutique of the high-quality vintage mold. The light is cast by a single track down the center of the space, with minimalist fixtures holding PAR bulbs. We brought in a warm but strong LED replacement to the space, allowing Leo to maintain the carefully constructed character of the store while increasing light, decreasing electrical strain, and reducing unnecessary bulb heat. Another great example of vintage products and modern lighting going hand in hand, we are excited to partner with Kimo and be involved in the West Village community.


GRDN is a specialty garden and home store located on Hoyt Street in Boerum Hill, Brooklyn. GRDN offers practical and stylish products for the urban gardener, including containers, garden ornaments, and garden furniture. LED light has a color mix that much better approximates natural light than does halogen and incandescent lighting. When working with product destined for life in the window or outdoors, it was important that we better recreate those sunlit conditions. We managed to do this without sacrificing the warmth that one expects from a store as welcoming and of-the-neighborhood as GRDN.


Kaight, is an independently-owned boutique located in New York City, and a pioneer retailer in the eco-fashion movement. Kaight aims to unite consumers with clothing and accessories that are smartly designed, ethically produced and eco-friendly in nature. LED lighting, which consumes 80% less energy than it's halogen counterparts, goes hand in hand with environmentalism like that which Kaight so thoroughly represents. In this Atlantic Ave boutique, however, we were also able to make use of an LED's ability to add significant light to the system. With lower strain on the wiring and more output per bulb, Building Hero lighting both "greens" and brightens!


129 Grand Street is the flagship showroom of designer Yigal Azrouel. The space is "an edit of key items combining high fashion with day-to-day simplicity," according to the company website. The lighting at Cut25 features a combination of fluorescent tube lighting, evoking a post-industrial feel, along with pendant MR16 lighting dedicated to highlighting product. Our work, with the MR16s, upgraded to crisp LEDs that allow for better color and texture rendition on Cut25's eye-catching fabrics.

The Future Perfect

The Great Jones St outpost of The Future Perfect is a showroom for "new design furnishings locally made." One of now three Future Perfect locations, the Great Jones space's high ceilings, darkly-colored walls, and highly controlled lighting create the feel of a livable art gallery. Patterned woods and textured furniture require precise illumination, but the feels-like-home element requires no-glare, warm lighting. The Future Perfect wanted to maintain the mystery and attraction of alternating areas of light and dark, and Building Hero was able to bring in a light that does just that. Strong, but warm, and with a beam that spills no light outside of the target area, Building Hero lighting gives TFP the tools they need to go on creating a unique showroom environment in the heart of NoHo.

Sebastien Grey Clothiers

"The bespoke tradition of suit-making originates from Savile Row in 19th century London. Sebastien Grey is proud to continue the custom suiting tradition." Sebastien Grey serves those looking for something more than just another suit. The process begins with a custom fitting with a tailor at one of four locations in Chicago and New York City, and ends with a timeless custom-fitted suit. Building Hero recently worked with the New York City location to get great looking LEDs that properly accentuate the high quality fabrics that the tailors at Sebastien Grey source so meticulously.


LOST WEEKEND NYC is a retail store in the Lower East Side of New York City specializing in delicious coffee, surf apparel and fashionable accessories. In addition to Malin+Goetz grooming products, Saltbox board shorts, D’emploi backpacks, Wonderland eyewear, and branded t-shirts and tanks, LOST WEEKEND NYC also serves up a mean Blue Bottle Coffee.


"Whisk is owned and run by Brooklyn locals who decided to bring their love of cooking from their homes to the heart of Williamsburg." Whisk has locations in both Williamsburg Brooklyn and the Flatiron District of Manhattan, and Building Hero has helped both locations brighten up their space while saving money, reducing heat and making lighting easy.