• Laicale

    LEDs are a revolution in lighting

    The right LEDs will provide better color rendering and more light output
    and will simply make your product more appealing to customers.

  • Bobby_berk

    Building Hero makes lighting easy

    With Building Hero, not only will your lighting look great, but you'll never have to worry about it again. No burnouts, no ordering replacements, no getting up on a ladder.

  • Dagny_and_barstow

    The best businesses have LEDs

    As LED technology continues to improve, the gap between those with LEDs and those without continues to grow. We make it easy to upgrade so there is no reason to wait.

  • Havens_kitchen

    Look good while doing good

    In addition to looking beautiful, LEDs are much more efficient than traditional lighting
    so you will save money and the environment.

Better Light Quality

LEDs are a revolution in lighting technology that make halogen lighting look like the dark ages. The bottom line for your business is that the right LEDs provide better color rendering and more light output and will simply make your product more appealing to customers.

Hassle-Free Lighting

With LED technology and the Building Hero service plan, you'll never have to worry about changing a lightbulb again. No more procurement, no more calling the electrician, no more getting up on a ladder. You get great looks and can take lighting off your to-do list.

Lower Operating Costs

Halogen lights are inefficient, and result in unnecessary expenditure on energy bills, maintenance, and replacement. With sophisticated LED technology, you can get all the benefits while actually lowering your total cost of lighting. It's just smart business.

Latest Projects


Bobby Berk Home

Bobby Berk's stores set the trend in New York, Miami, and Atlanta. Most known for their design authority, his stores sells the finest furniture, bedding, bath products and home furnishings in the market today. Bobby Berk Home is a definitive resource of affordable luxury for everything bed, bath and home.


Dagny + Barstow

Dagny + Barstow is a high-end women’s clothing boutique founded by Meredith Blank and Emily Titelman, located at 264 Bowery in New York City. The store focuses on up-and-coming and international designers, and carries a number of lines that are exclusive to the store in NYC. In addition to clothing, handbags, jewelry, and other accessories, Dagny + Barstow features a collaboration with ArtStar.com and also offers works for sale from a number of NYC artists.


Haven's Kitchen

Haven’s Kitchen is a recreational cooking school, specialty food shop, and event space. Located in a charming carriage house two blocks from Manhattan’s Union Square, Haven's Kitchen is dedicated to the preparation and enjoyment of delicious, sustainable, seasonal food.

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